Attitude i a Two-Sided Nature

A publication was made to go along with our graduation show (The Institute of Dirty Horticulture, Graduation show of the Dirty Art Department). For this publication I have send postcards to the VU botanical garden, the place of our exhibition. For my research I visited a series of botanical gardens in the Netherlands, whilst at these gardens I wrote a message to the garden in Amsterdam.



The Institute of Dirty Horticulture (2012) Graduation show of the Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam.


Curated by
Victoria Anastasyadis, Sanne Oorthuizen, Jet Vermaning.


© Dirty Art Dpt, Sandberg Institute - Ernst van Deursen

Attitude is a Two-sided Nature is a self initiated book based on the input of 9 Master program students of the Dirty Art Depaartment a.k.a. Applied Art Department of the Sandberg Instituut. This book acts as a support structure that displays the process that leads to a graduation work. The task given to each student was to approach their autonomous chapter in the book with their own design perspective. It was a question of attitude.

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